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Case studies
HOLZMA/Andexlinger 2, Barcode, 2010, copyright HOLZMA 

 1-piece production with the Domino System 


Logistics is the key to efficient 1-piece production. Which is why Austrian company Andexlinger GmbH relies on the HPP 380 profiLine with its new Domino System. The company manufactures custom wood parts in
1-piece production and is the leading Austrian provider of home furniture and property furnishings. (Picture: overview resp. bottom left: TischlerJournal, Jürgen Fragner. Picture top left shows Friedrich Andexlinger)


HOLZMA/Andexlinger 4, labelling, 2010, copyright HOLZMA 
Each step matches the next

"Complete structuring from start to finish" is the key phrase in the overhaul of Andexlinger production. The overall process and the necessary hardware and software was modernised – from order-based data optimisation using the HOLZMA optimisation software Cut Rite to the newly installed HPP 380 profiLine with Power Concept through to the labelling and destacking of finished parts. The key is the new HOLZMA Domino System.

"With the Domino System, we are thinking far beyond simple cutting processes. In our opinion, system competence is the key to the future – in other words, placing each Domino tile side by side to create individual solutions from data preparation through to delivery of the finished part. This means continuous, highly-efficient production without gaps or unnecessary performance peaks," according to HOLZMA Sales Manager Jochen Gründer.

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Report from: HOB, March 2010. HOLZMA thanks the responsible editor Carsten Bucki.


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