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Benefit from our training courses 


Have you got a new HOLZMA? Then you need to familiarise your team with the new techniques and software as quickly as possible. This investment soon pays off, because it allows you to exploit the full potential of the machine, right from day one.

HOLZMA has been offering customers intensive training courses at its in-house Training Center since 1991. Tuition is in small groups or on a one-to-one basis. Up to 500 participants every year attest to the great importance customers attach to qualifying and training their personnel. We arrange the dates to suit you. The courses are held in German and English, but we can also provide other languages by request.

Machine controller training
Getting started. We familiarise you with the technnology of your new HOLZMA and demonstrate how you can realise the potential of the saw.

  • introduction to the most important sub-assemblies
  • functions and implementation
  • maintenance and troubleshooting
  • introduction to the CNC control
  • programming at stand-alone simulation PC
  • practical application of skills learnt during the course on the demonstration machines

Optimisation training
Sawing alone is not enough – you can save more time and money by using a purpose-designed optimisation program. HOLZMA has developed its own proprietary software Cut Rite to deal with this and we provide a detailed introduction to it in our seminars. The aim is to achieve the best possible relation between waste, costs and time. This saves you more money.

Maintenance training
HOLZMA offers a range of training modules in the area of servicing. The aim of the courses is to improve knowledge and skills in the areas of maintenance and repairs.

Various workshops
For example on the following subjects:

  • comprehensive production scheduling and control from the office to the shop floor
  • effective use of tools in cut-to-size processes
  • repairs
Contact Training Center

More information on our training options is available from:

Tel.: +49 7053/69 - 40 252 oder - 40 346