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HOLZMA 4 series machine table 2008, copyright HOLZMA 



HOLZMA 1 series cover picture 2010, copyright HOLZMA The 1 series - entry-level saws exclusively for Asia, India and South America
HOLZMA has designed this series of saws specifically for customers in Asia (HPP 180), India (HPP 180, HPP 120) and South America (HPP 120, HPM 120).
HOLZMA 2 series cover picture 2007, copyright HOLZMA The 2 series - small, well-equipped and attractively priced
Small saws with all the trimmings, mainly for the trade and craft sector. 55 mm and 80 mm saw blade projection. Tip: For just a little extra, you can automate the feed with the Easy2Feed option.
HOLZMA 3 series cover picture 2007, copyright HOLZMA The 3 series – the all-rounders for craft and industry
Single saw, single saw with lift feed or angular system – it's all there. 80 mm and 95 mm saw blade projection. And an almost endless choice of optional extras.
HOLZMA 4 series machine table 2008, copyright HOLZMAThe 4 Series – high-power saws, focusing on the essential
They ensure high-speed, high-quality cutting of large volumes. 110 mm and 125 mm saw blade projection. The range includes single saws and angular systems.
HOLZMA 5 series cover picture 2007, copyright HOLZMA The 5 series – Power redefined
If you are a fan of high tech and precision, this is the right series for you! These high-tech saws, which open up an entirely new dimension in panel-sizing technology, will truly amaze you.
The P series - cutting plastic the easy way
Special-purpose saws primarily for processing plastics. However, you can also use these saws to cut non-ferrous metals, building materials and much more.
The HOLZMA innovation for companies producing facades and partition walls. Save over 60% on your production costs!
HOLZMA Systems Engineering drawing Alno, copyright HOLZMASystems Engineering - pure individuality
For all those who need custom solutions for industrial manufacturing. Our current beststellers: HKL 380 combiLine for 1-piece production, cut-to-size systems with integrated sanding line for board manufacturers, saw-storage combinations.
HOLZMA Handling cover picture, copyright HOLZMAHandling - logical feeding, destacking, transport and labelling
A perfect cut-to-size system needs a perfect environment. In collaboration with you, we'll also take care of your storage, feeding, destacking and onward transport needs. A custom package tailored to the requirements of your operations.
HOLZMA pressure-sensitiv material 2008, copyright HOLZMAMore than just cutting - we make your daily work easier
Solutions for challenging materials, testing methods to determine saw performance, energy-saving options – as you see, we also attend to the extras. So that you will be "more than just satisfied" with us.

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