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Holzbronn,  24/08/2010 

Impressive trio at the K 2010 in Düsseldorf:  

HOMAG, HOLZMA and WEEKE share a stand

At the 18th International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber later on this year, no fewer than three companies of the HOMAG Group will be showcasing panel dividing saws and CNC processing centres designed specifically for plastic. HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme AG, HOLZMA Plattenaufteiltechnik GmbH and, for the first time, also WEEKE Bohrsysteme GmbH will be exhibiting together in Düsseldorf: At least three good reasons to pay a visit to the HOMAG Group stand (A39) in Hall 4.

The HOMAG Group is the world’s leading supplier of panel dividing saws and CNC processing centres. With decades of experience to its name and the backing of a large-scale company group, investment security is guaranteed. HOMAG customers also benefit from the assurance of a global sales and servicing network as the basis for a rapid and comprehensive advisory and service back-up the world over.

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High-tech solutions for cutting panels, drilling and trimming
At the K Trade Fair, the three HOMAG companies will be presenting their high-tech-solutions for plastics and aluminium. For example, a brand new HOLZMA HPP 530 P panel saw just off the assembly line will be on show. Bad news for spontaneous buyers: the saw on display is already sold, before the start of the fair, and will afterwards go straight to the British plastics experts Plastics Plus. There it is going to replace an older model. It is already the eighth saw that this loyal HOLZMA customer has purchased.

The CNC processing centres developed specifically by HOMAG and WEEKE for work with plastics and aluminium are also meeting with an enthusiastic reception and rising market demand. Over 1,000 machines now installed every year testify to the growing success being achieved in this sector. The high-tech solutions for drilling and trimming of even the most demanding materials allow processing using the nesting technique alongside conventional CNC production and single or alternating processing. The widely diverse possibilities offered for the processing of plastics will be represented at the K 2010 by two machine models: The WEEKE BHP 150 P CNC processing centre which uses the nesting technique and the 5-axis BMG 511 HOMAG moving gantry processing centre.

HOLZMA HPP 530 P – custom-built for Plastics Plus
The HOLZMA HPP 530 P sets new standards in plastics processing. Its innovative technologies, heavy-duty construction and tremendous processing speed with a minimum of noise are major factors contributing to this achievement. An ideal machine for companies that process a lot of material in a short time, or produce in series – like Plastics Plus. This family business with its team of nearly 40 employees is one of the leading companies in Great Britain in the field of speciality plastics processing and supplies to a wide range of markets. These include point of sale, sign and display, glazing and outdoor advertising and also outdoor furniture. With the HPP 530 P, Plastics Plus is able to process a vast variety of plastic materials in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes. This is ensured by the performance profile of this saw, which is extremely well-equipped even in its standard version:

  • rugged saw body made of SORB TECH mineral casting
  • minimum-quantity spraying device
  • frequency-controlled main saw motor
  • 130 mm saw blade projection and 3200 mm cutting length
  • narrow-finger clamps and much more

HOLZMA designed the saw on show at the fair to meet the specific requirements of Plastics Plus. It is equipped with a number of special options including:

  • the add-on module "material-dependent parameters" for the CADmatic PROFESSIONAL control
  • reverse cutting and cut monitoring for maximum precision
  • a fold-down air table, one longer and other additional air tables ensure particularly ergonomic, optimised handling

For their new investment, Plastics Plus has, for the eighth time, decided on a HOLZMA saw. "We have been so pleased with the quality of the product and the service we receive that we would certainly recommend HOLZMA machines. We consider them to be the best for the job and since that’s what we strive for it makes sense,” explains Managing Director Stuart White. What made him decide in favour of the HPP 530 P? “The Plastics Plus investment in this model shows our commitment to providing a cutting service which is second to none, and ahead of the market – just what our customers deserve!“

WEEKE BHP 150 P profiLine – the ideal CNC entry model
Another highlight on show at the K 2010 will be the BHP 150 P from WEEKE. This CNC entry level solution was developed specifically for processing different types of plastic and aluminium. It copes with even extremely delicate and high-frequency routing work, and its performance spectrum also includes optimized nesting and ultra-fine engraving. With new application possibilities such as high-gloss polishing of acrylic glass, the BHP 150 P profiLine is even able to replace a separate polishing machine. Processing and polishing then take place in a single clamping operation, providing enormous time savings.

The strengths of the BHP 150 P profiLine at a glance:

  • Delicate trimming work using the nesting technique 
  • High-gloss finish routing using natural diamond cutting edge
  • Polishing wheel processing for premium edge quality
  • Cutting work using a drag knife cutter for graphic and display applications
  • Optimized nesting of small workpieces on a large table surface
  • Ultra-fine engraving work using high-frequency routing 
  • Versatile application, for instance for thermoplastics such as acrylic glass and POM (polyoxymethylene)

HOMAG BMG 511 – CNC for complete 3D processing operations
The new CNC processing centre BMG 511 from HOMAG uses the moving gantry principle and is ideal for drilling and trimming operations in plastic. Its specialities: extreme durability and precision, above-average acceleration speed and even capability for thread tapping. The machine operator is shown a precise image of the end result even before production begins, as the simulation software woodMotion provides a realistic 3D visualization of the planned workpiece based on the order data. This facility helps significantly reduce the error quota.

Other highlights of the HOMAG BMG 511:

  • Stability and precision:
    The machine stand made of patented SORB TECH composite material is extremely rugged with excellent torsion resistance. This guarantees optimum precision and a significantly extended service life for tools.
  • Patented safety system:
    The safety system safeScan entails no-contact monitoring of the entire work area by a laser scanner, so protecting operating staff from collisions with the machine. The software module collisionControl monitors processing operations in order to prevent machine damage caused as a result of programming errors. 
  •  Fast, simple programming:
    The processing centre is equipped with the new programming system woodWOP 6.0 and with an interface to CAD/CAM systems. This permits realistic 3D visualization and helps speed up the entire process from programming in the office through to flawless production. 

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